It is a shadow of my life;
the reflection of a wife,
No life allowed

and the wedding day - may I ask When?

I am not an ordinary person
God is calling us, No answer allowed in this working - money - society

It is a pitty the face so pretty

Remember my face,
Remember my Voice
I really do have a Gole in my Life

I really do have a son in my Life. His name is Christian. He already likes to think more than others.

Yet I am just a soon coming old person. My words just lonely marks in time.

Today they prooved I have too much energy. Is it my lifeline they watch or what. A person is not a person untill he has goal in her or his life.

You have a right to be.
I don´t have a right to be.
You have a right to tell what you see,

I don´t have a right to tell what I see.

Levinas says one has only one mission to be - to be for the other person. For that the person never get regard for.

See what you see, and behind there is only a mask, may I ask why?

And in the evening I go to sleep. May the Energy follow everybody.